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"It takes a village to raise a child" is a saying supposed to be an old African proverb. Later on it became a book, a clich√©, and much later on, a banality. But honestly, it make sense. Society is a structure formed of units that interact on various levels according to rules, regulations, and processes. Interaction generates motion and drives the societal system to evolve. The direction of the evolution is not set, it is just that small quantitative changes lead to a qualitative change. The individual is the basic unit. Nurturing this unit is the first level of societal synergy. A child needs more that the basic family unit to mature, "it takes a village to raise a child"!

On a higher level, societal synergy is needed to nurture ideas, innovation, and actions that lead to change.

In our village, networking, cooperation, and building on previous actions is the interactive process. Whoever-does-what is not important, the foundation for change and development is the drive formed by small actions that interact. We aim, without pretense, to do our part to promote adherence to the rule of law, and to uphold human rights and democratic values.

We envision a society where individuals and entities work more effectively and creatively together, from the grassroots to the highest echelons of power; a political model in which input-processes of democratic participation and output-processes of performance reinforce each other.


MEPI Award
Appreciation is nice and rewarding!
We are proud that Synergy-Takamol has received "The Social Change Visionaries Award" presented by MEPI Lebanon Alumni Association "in recognition of its achievement and commitment to community service". It was presented 29 January 2014 during the 2nd annual dinner and networking event celebrating 10 years of MEPI in Lebanon held at Le Royal Hotel, Dbaye.
It was a nice event indeed. An additional bonus was a meeting so many of our friends and enjoying a nice dinner.
Thank you MEPI LLA and thank you MEPI Lebanon.

"Peace and Tolerence Camps"

It was six month of hard satisfying work implementing 11 Peace and Tolerance Camps for 1,252 children who came from Syria after witnessing what no child should have to face.

To make happen it took 796 days of volunteering, 2442 visits to the 337 families that were direct beneficiaries of the project, and 144 days of follow up on children identified as at risk.
We tried our best to make all our purchases from within the Sabra and Chatila camps to benefit the hosting community.

We thank our donor, MEPI and all of you that showed support to the project by registering 24,580 Page clicks on Facebook on posts and albums reporting on the Peace and Tolerance camps!
Our work with refugees does not stop here, wait for our updates!

Special Moments Album
 take a look at the album it will warm your heart!

THA'ERA - The Arab Women’s Network for Parity and Solidarity(Read more
Tha'era is one of our continuous projects. Synergy-Takamol is proud to be a founding member of this network that groups women from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and the CEE countries.

The last event in Tunisia (21-24 Nov 2013) was the start up of a project "Empowering Arab Women" funded by Labour Party/ Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the CEE network for gender issues.

The ToT training grouped around 50 women. The end target by 2015 is to train 2000 women in Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

The programme entitled ‘Tha’era: Empowering Arab Women’ is not just another networking and capacity building programme for Arab women.

It is a programme designed by women for women, within a focused proactive and culturally sensitive framework. The programme will reach thousands of grassroots activists in urban and rural areas as well as across social divides.

“Great things have small beginnings” and this is a stepping stone towards more demand for Women’s rights in Lebanon at the grassroots, political and social levels.

Editorial - Daily Star Newspaper

Project Summary

The Lebanese General Security has issued new instruction aimed at granting mothers and fathers equal rights as to issuance of passports and travel permits for their minor children. 

For more details check our Project titled: "Mother’s Rights- End gender discrimination" (2011-2012)